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Reading Resources for Young Children and Their Families

Two young children reading together at daycare

February is I Love to Read Month, and to celebrate, New Horizon Academy has put together a variety of resources from book logs to reading lists and blogs with reading advice. Of course, these resources can be enjoyed at any time of year, not just in February. In fact, reading should be enjoyed at all times of the year as reading is an important skill that is used every day throughout your life. Not only do you read through storybooks, but also through recipes, news articles, road signs, magazines, menus, social media…you name it! Reading is everywhere!

Whether you are celebrating I Love to Read Month or looking for fun ways to encourage reading at home with your infant, toddler, preschooler, or school-ager, here are a few reading resources to get you started!

Reading Resources

Children’s Books Recommendations from Childcare Teachers

Books That Celebrate Diversity

  1. Books Celebrating Black History Month
  2. Books Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  3. Books Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
  4. Books Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
  5. Books Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  6. Books Celebrating National Arab American Heritage Month
  7. Books Celebrating Different Cultures During the Holiday Season
  8. Books Celebrating Pride Month

Book Lists About a Variety of Different Topics

  1. Books That Spark Curiosity
  2. Books About Transitioning into a New Classroom
  3. Books That Support Acceptance and Belonging
  4. Books About Poetry
  5. Books About Women’s History
  6. Fall Children’s Books
  7. Winter Children’s Books
  8. Family-Favorite Stories

Reading Tips and Tricks for Families

Here are some informational blogs we love about reading!

  1. Reading Tips for Busy Families
  2. How to Help Your Child Develop Good Reading Habits
  3. Reading’s Important Role in Early Childhood Development
  4. Effective Bedtime Story Reading Tips
  5. Benefits to Reading Together as a Family
  6. How to Foster a Love of Reading for Young Children
  7. Tips for Reading Aloud to Your Baby
  8. Tips for Reading Aloud to Your Toddler
  9. Tips for Reading Aloud to Your Preschooler

Happy reading!

February 2023 I Love to Read Month Calendar

Download Our I Love to Read Month February 2023 Calendar

Book count tracker

Download Our Book Count Tracker

February 2023 Reach Out and Read Book Driver Informational Flyer

Learn More About Our February 2023 Book Drive

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