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School Ready!

Our pre-kindergarten classrooms support the continued development of essential school-readiness skills and prepare children to enter kindergarten with the language, early literacy, mathematics, social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and executive functioning skills necessary for success.

A Day in Our Pre-kindergarten Classroom


A Warm Welcome

Each morning you and your pre-kindergartner will receive a warm and loving welcome from our teachers. During this time, you will have an opportunity to connect with your pre-kindergartner’s teacher to create a smooth transition from home to school.


Exploring and Discovering in Learning Centers

Your pre-kindergartner will engage in meaningful, hands-on, school-readiness activities, along with a variety of and exploration experiences, all carefully planned to encourage the continued development of thinking skills and help your child along their journey of lifelong learning.


Enjoying Snacks and Meals

A strong appreciation for good eating habits is one of the many skills your pre-kindergartner will learn as they enjoy meals and snacks with their teachers and friends.


Group Time, Morning Meeting, and Teacher-Guided Activities

Group time and morning meeting provides your pre-kindergartner with an opportunity to come together with friends as a community of learners. Your pre-kindergartner will experience learning opportunities which develop essential kindergarten-readiness skills.


Outdoor Play and Large Motor Development

Jumping, running, climbing, and playing group games will be one of the highlights of your pre-kindergartner’s day as they enjoy our state-of-the-art playground.


Music and Exercise and Fitness Activities

Your pre-kindergartner will enjoy daily opportunities to sing songs, play with musical instruments, and participate in exercise and fitness activities such as aerobics, dance, sports, and yoga, all designed to build the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.


Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Your pre-kindergartner’s teacher will provide multisensory experiences in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, all geared to stimulate the development of critical thinking skills and to encourage creativity and self-expression. Learn More


Language and Literacy Activities

Your pre-kindergartner will engage in meaningful language, literacy, and writing experiences that provide the foundation for reading readiness. Your pre-kindergartner's teacher will support your child's journey on the road to reading and school-readiness.

Proven Kindergarten Readiness Skills

At New Horizon Academy, we are committed to providing exceptional early childhood and learning experiences to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Our preschool and early learning programs use an award-winning, research-based curriculum to provide children with the necessary skills for academic success.

Graduates of our pre-kindergarten program consistently meet and exceed kindergarten readiness expectations as they enter elementary school. According to the 2020-2021 Teaching Strategies® GOLD® assessment, over 90 percent of New Horizon Academy pre-k children demonstrated outstanding kindergarten readiness skills across all learning domains.

New Horizon Academy pre-kindergarten program kindergarten readiness assessment results

PreK Teacher PhotoTeachers create opportunities for the mastery of school-readiness skills.

  • Our knowledgeable, professionally trained teachers ensure that your pre-kindergartner is confident and prepared both academically and socially for success in school.
  • From literacy activities during group time to active play in learning centers, our talented teachers create a balance of child-initiated and teacher-guided activities. A balance of individual attention with group experiences is intentionally included each day to ensure that children are developing to their full potential.

Our curriculum is designed around the latest early brain research and includes developmentally appropriate and engaging activities to support development in all early learning domains for pre-kindergartners. Learning domains include:

Domains of Learning

Our state-of-the-art classrooms are carefully planned and equipped with a wide selection of age-appropriate materials designed to encourage learning at each stage of preschool development. Our preschool classrooms offer nine learning centers:


An area for your child to create unique masterpieces.




An area for promoting coordination, problem-solving skills, and cooperative play.




A variety of materials to enhance the development of fine motor skills.



Large Motor

An area for your child to jump, march, skip, and play games with friends.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)

An area for exploring the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.




A hands-on area for discovering how things feel, smell, look, and sound.



Language and Literacy

An area with a variety of materials to develop a love of reading and writing.



Music and Movement

A lively place to play instruments, sing, dance, and listen to music.



Dramatic Play

An area to encourage creativity and imaginative play.


Each day, you will receive updates through a mobile app which allows our teachers to share information as needed, send messages, and delight you with photos via e-mail. You are also welcome to use it to send your child’s teacher a message.


“As a mother of a new kindergartener, I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with New Horizon Academy's pre-k program. Not only was my son prepared for kindergarten, but he is excelling! Thank you so much to the exceptional teachers at New Horizon Academy.”

— Kerri M., Parent at New Horizon Academy

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