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Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The idea of continuous improvement is woven throughout our corporate fabric.

At New Horizon Academy, we are always challenging ourselves to incorporate the latest research, implement the most current curriculum and children’s educational materials, stay abreast of the newest trends in employee and child development, and enhance our facilities with the most innovative facility design elements. We continue to look past our doors for ways to enrich and improve the operation of our child care programs. Some of these partnerships include:

Innovative Partnerships

Yale University

Partnered on an evaluation of our menus, nutritional guidelines and practices, and other aspects of our food program to ensure the healthiest options are available for our children.

Harvard Business School

Analyzed the potential return on investment with the St. Paul Scholarship Model at our New Horizon Academy-Rice Street school.

U of M Child Development

Partnered with the University of Minnesota – Child Development Institute on a research project to evaluate the development of mindful thinking skills in young children.


Worked with the University of Minnesota Center for Early Education and Development (CEED) to implement the SEEDS of School Readiness Emergent Literacy Curriculum in all New Horizon Academy classrooms.

Parent Aware

Played an instrumental role with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) in the development of the Quality Rating System for child care centers, which has been implemented as Parent Aware.


Participated in a Minnesota Department of Health pilot program called Learning About Nutrition Through Activities (LANA), which helped identify strategies for incorporating more fruits and vegetables into a young child’s diet.

Project Early Kindergarten

Partnered with the St. Paul Public Schools District to implement early literacy and enrichment programs for children through their Project Early Kindergarten (PEK) Program.

Gillette Children’s Hospitals

Partnered on a research project to determine baseline measures for the development of motor skills in young children.

Partnership with a Healthy America

New Horizon Academy partnered with the Partnership for a Healthier America and the Let’s Move Campaign to promote healthier practices and to actively work to provide solutions to our nation’s increase in childhood obesity.

Institute for Agriculture

Partnered with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) to introduce a farm-to-table program.

Head Start

Partnered with Head Start to offer high-quality child care and education and to promote school readiness for young children in New Horizon Academy schools.

Des Moines Public Schools Early Childhood Programs

Partnered with the Des Moines Public Schools Early Childhood Programs to provide quality learning experiences to support kindergarten readiness and promote the growth of young children and their families.

Denver Preschool Program

Partnered with the Denver Preschool Program to focus on the city’s commitment to ensuring every Denver 4-year old gets the best possible start to his or her education.

Our Commitment to Excellence

New Horizon Academy is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment for children to learn and grow. Learn more about our commitment to excellence through health and safety, food and nutrition, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

We've brought our kids to New Horizon Academy for over two years. Throughout our time, the school director has been attentive and responsive to the changing needs of our family. They provide excellent and nutritious meals and snacks and helped introduce our infant to new foods. We have truly enjoyed our experience at New Horizon Academy!

— Chris D., Parent at New Horizon Academy

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