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A Loving Start

The infant classrooms at New Horizon Academy are places where babies can grow and learn every day by exploring and making new discoveries.

A Day in Our Infant Classroom


A Warm Welcome

Each morning your baby’s teacher will warmly greet you and your baby. You will have an opportunity to connect with your child’s teacher to ensure a smooth transition from home to school.


Hugs, Snuggles, and Cuddles

A loving environment is one of the most important components of your baby’s day. The day will be filled with hugs, snuggles, cuddles, and tender, responsive care.


Story Time, Sign Language, and Teacher-Guided Activities

Your baby will develop language, communication, and cognitive skills as teachers read stories, use sign language, and engage your child in many fun activities.


Individual Learning Activities

Teachers create and implement individualized learning activities to support the developmental needs of your baby.


Diaper Changes

Teachers use this time to connect, bond, and build language and cognitive skills with your baby.


Personalized Feeding Schedule

Teachers will use feeding time as an opportunity to bond with your baby. They will engage in conversations, sing songs, cuddle, and snuggle.


Music, Movement Activities, Tummy Time, and Baby Yoga

Your baby will enjoy daily opportunities to sing songs, play with musical instruments, and participate in movement activities, including baby yoga.


Playing With Friends

Your baby will have ample opportunities to play with friends. Teachers create opportunities for children to interact and engage in meaningful activities with one another.



Our teachers will work with you and your baby to create a custom sleep schedule.


Art and Sensory Activities

Your baby will have abundant art and sensory opportunities throughout the day.


Outside Play and Buggy Rides

Your baby will enjoy outdoor time and buggy rides throughout the day, weather permitting.

Infant Teacher PhotoOur commitment to early learning and education begins in our infant learning program with the partnership between our teachers and parents.

  • Together, you and your child’s teachers develop a daily schedule that meets the individual needs of your baby.
  • This important, trusting relationship continues as your baby grows and continues to develop. Very young children thrive in an environment, like ours, that is especially responsive to individual needs.
  • Our loving teachers will nurture your baby with kind words, warm smiles, and gentle touches to assure optimum opportunities for development.

Using monthly themes from our research-based infant curriculum, our teachers create individualized lesson plans to provide developmentally appropriate and engaging activities to support learning in all domains:

We understand that babies thrive in an environment that is especially responsive to individual needs.

  • In the infant classrooms, you will see teachers singing songs, cuddling, reading stories, engaging in conversation, using sign language, doing yoga, and playing with our babies.
  • This “play time” is an integral part of every day to help each baby learn and grow.
  • Our beautiful classrooms are designed to meet the unique and individual needs of each baby as they continue to reach each developmental milestone.


Each day, you will receive updates through a mobile app which allows our teachers to share information as needed, send messages, and delight you with photos via e-mail. You are also welcome to use it to send your child’s teacher a message.


“We always knew what was going on with our newborn son. We received constant updates and photos via Daily Connect. Most importantly, they cared for our son like we would, and we could tell he was happy there by the way he interacted with the staff.”

— Katie F., Parent at New Horizon Academy

New Horizon Academy…Where Love & Learning Grow

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