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5 Benefits to Reading As A Family

Children absorb practically everything they are exposed to in their environments, which is why story time is so essential to incorporate daily. Young minds reading are at work, absorbing the vocabulary, language, lessons the characters learn, and so much more. Reading to your child boosts their brain development, connection, and so many things that it is overwhelming how beneficial it is.

According to The Literacy Project, “45 million Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level” due to lack of reading as an adolescent. All it takes is books and time. Here is more information on why reading together as a family has so many benefits!

Builds Connection

Reading allows families to connect, plus it is a great way to spend time together and slow down after a hectic day. Not only do kids feel important when they are read to, but families who have a positive attitude towards reading books, in turn, help their children positively view literacy.

Develops Language

Even though children may be too young to read themselves, hearing their caregivers read to them is just as important. A study from Economic and Social Research Institute Ireland concluded that babies who are read to and talked to score higher in language skills and cognitive development, such as problem-solving skills. This study also links throughout the child’s teenage years.

Creates Listening Skills

Hearing a story aloud involves comprehension, and comprehension is dependent on paying attention, thus reading out loud is important. Recorded audio books are also a great addition to reading with your child. They often provide an entertainment value, such as character voices, music, and more!

Teaches Life Lessons

Stories in books provide an opportunity to talk about real-world problems in age-appropriate ways. Children especially enjoy books that feature characters of their ages doing things they do in everyday life. This helps with your child’s understanding of what happens in various situations. Reading books on specific subjects they may be experiencing, such as moving or going to the doctor, may help children feel not so alone when dealing with something new.

Broadens Creativity

Reading fictional books opens up a whole new world to your child. There are plenty of fictional books on talking pets, dinosaurs, bugs, and fairytales, and going beyond the real world and implanting a fantasy element gets kids thinking outside the box. Children with vivid imaginations will further their creativity as they get older. Developing that creativity is vital for future interests and ideas.

Please note that when it comes to building early skills by reading to your child, both the quality and quantity of the words in the book matter. Reading books as a family will provide an excellent opportunity to get your child to start talking, telling stories, and connecting with others giving them the best start in life.

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