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Your Child’s Safety is Our Number One Priority

When your child is in our care, you can trust that we have taken every precaution to ensure their safety and security. Providing a safe and healthy environment for children, teachers, and staff is our top priority.

Safe and Secure Buildings

At New Horizon Academy, safety begins before you enter our schools. Each building has a locked front door with a keypad. Families and staff may only enter with an individualized code that is unique to each school. These codes are changed on a regular basis, and additionally as needed.


Classroom Monitoring and Management

We’ve installed security cameras in all classrooms, as well as outdoor play areas, front entries, and building exteriors. In addition, every school has a customized Emergency Preparedness Plan that is regularly reviewed and updated.

On-Site Safety Monitor

We know that safety goes beyond physical security. That’s why every New Horizon Academy school has a designated safety monitor on-site. In addition to monitoring the interior and exterior of the school, safety monitors are responsible for implementing fire and tornado drills, performing a daily check of playground equipment, managing incident reports, ordering first aid materials, and managing food restrictions.

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

Before starting work in any role at New Horizon Academy, all employees must successfully complete comprehensive background checks. All staff members are trained in first aid and CPR, and receive ongoing health and safety training.

Safe Sleep

All sleep spaces comply with safe sleep recommendations. Infants are placed on their backs in cribs with no bumpers, blankets, pillows, or toys. Toddlers and older children nap on cots with blankets brought from home, as age appropriate.

Keeping Kids Safe

After more than 50 years of caring for young children, we know how to keep them safe. We’ve installed finger guards on top of all doors to prevent pinched fingers, for example. Regular inspections by management personnel, state licensing, and health and fire departments are done at each school to proactively identify and correct any possible safety hazards.

"We absolutely love, love, love, New Horizon Academy. My son is always so happy at drop off and pick up, the pictures I receive throughout the day make it that much easier to work without worrying about how my baby is doing."

— Parent, New Horizon Academy Shakopee

Promoting and Prioritizing Healthy Behaviors

Through a combination of procedures, guidelines, and technology, we work to protect the health of the children in our care every day. Our app allows children to be checked in and out without physical contact. We rigorously clean and sanitize all surfaces in our schools, and provide ongoing health and safety training to our staff.

Cleaner Air, Healthier Kids

We’ve installed an ionization system that purifies the air in all school buildings. This helps to control allergens, kill bacteria and viruses, and prevent the spread of germs. We’ve also established clear policies for child illnesses, which helps keep children healthier and prevents unnecessary missed days.

Eco-Healthy Child Care® Certification

Eco-Healthy Child Care Logo We’re proud to be endorsed as an Eco-Healthy Child Care® through the Children’s Environmental Health Network. The certification validates our health, wellness, and safety standards for the children in our care, their families, our staff, and the environment.

The Eco-Healthy Child Care® certification recognizes New Horizon Academy as going above and beyond childcare standards and regulations to provide a healthy and safe environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-agers, teachers, staff, and families.


Teacher holding infant child during daycare

As a parent, you can have peace of mind knowing that our childcare centers are safe, nurturing environments dedicated to the health and well-being of your child. If you have any questions about our health and safety policies or procedures, please contact us.

To make it easier, we’ve created a health and safety checklist that will help you know what to ask when choosing a childcare center. You can download it – for free! – here:

Download the Health and Safety Checklist

Health and Safety Measures


Health and Safety Training

All teachers receive specialized training on health and safety practices.


Installation of Ionization Systems

We have installed an ionization system to help purify the air, kill viruses and bacteria, control allergens, and help prevent the spread of germs.


Child Illness Exclusion Policy

To protect your child, other children, and our teaching staff from illness, we will continue to enforce our established guidelines of excluding ill children.

“I appreciate knowing my children are in a safe environment where they are continuously learning. They are exposed to opportunities at the center that I'd never be able to provide at home. I am so grateful for the trained, caring professionals looking after my children.”

— Scott A., Parent at New Horizon Academy

New Horizon Academy…Where Love and Learning Grow!

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