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Adventure Awaits!

Our toddler classrooms are active, happy places where children can learn, explore, sing, and dance. Our early education program for toddlers was designed to encourage each child’s growing need for independence and to foster the development of their self-esteem in a safe, supportive manner.

A Day in Our Toddler Classroom


A Warm Welcome

Each morning you and your toddler will receive a warm and loving welcome from our teachers. During this time, you will have an opportunity to connect with your toddler’s teacher and help create a smooth transition from home to school.


Exploring and Discovering in Activity Zones

Your toddler will engage in meaningful, hands-on activities and exploration projects that encourage thinking skills and enhance motor development.


Enjoying Snacks and Meals

Learning good eating habits is one of the many skills your toddler will learn as they enjoy meals and snacks with their teachers and friends.


Story Time, Sign Language, and Teacher-Guided Activities

Story time is a joyous event that combines some of your toddler’s favorite things: snuggles, interesting pictures, fascinating sounds, and story time sets the foundation for later independent reading.


Outdoor Play and Large Motor Development

Jumping, running, and climbing will be one of the highlights of your toddler’s day as they enjoy our state-of-the-art play scape.


Rest Time and Quiet Time

Your toddler will enjoy one midday opportunity to rest and take a nap on their very own cot. Non-nappers are encouraged to participate in quiet-time activities on their cot.


Diapering and Toilet Training

Teachers use this time to connect, bond, and build language and cognitive skills with your toddler. Your toddler’s teacher will partner with you to create a supportive learning environment to assist both you and your toddler as they begin toilet training.


Music and Movement Activities

Your toddler will enjoy daily opportunities to sing songs, play with musical instruments, and participate in movement activities.


Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Toddlers are natural explorers. Your toddler’s teacher will prepare multi sensory experiences in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics for your child to investigate. Learn More

Toddler TeacherToddlers also need the nurturing and encouragement of an understanding adult, and our New Horizon Academy teachers understand and celebrate a toddler’s sense of curiosity and engage in active learning with them throughout the day.

  • From “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” during group time, to active play in activity zones, teachers create a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities and a balance of individual attention with group experiences to ensure that children are developing to their full potential.
  • Carefully planned routines and a focus on mastering independent skills, like using the toilet and washing hands, provide our toddlers with a sense of security and the opportunity to proudly say, “I did it myself!”

Our toddler lesson plans are designed around the latest early brain research and include developmentally appropriate and engaging activities to support development in all early learning domains for toddlers. Learning domains include:

Domains of Learning


Our classrooms are designed to encourage a toddler’s need for independent exploration and to encourage learning at each stage of toddler development. Our carefully designed toddler classrooms offer the following four activity zones:

Welcoming and Routines

This is the area where your toddler will store personal belongings and participate in the many routines that are integral to a successful day. Here, your toddler will eat meals, wash hands, brush teeth, learn to use the bathroom, and grow in their ability to dress themselves for outside play.


Your toddler will investigate and express himself in our Creative Zone. This zone offers opportunities for science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) exploration with materials, like paints, watercolors, play dough, glue, and construction paper, along with many things to measure, sort, pour, sift, stir, and count.

Active and Busy

Toddlers need to move. Jumping, hopping, climbing, crawling, and dancing engage your child’s brain and builds connections that form the basis for many life-long skills. In our Active and Busy Zone, your toddler will use equipment like riding toys, blocks, and climbing structures, along with music and instructions to encourage singing and rhythmic movement.

Calm and Cozy

Even the busiest toddlers need a comfortable place to take a break from a busy day, so we have created a Calm and Cozy Zone. Your toddler will have a special place to snuggle and cuddle using quiet materials, like puzzles, books, and manipulative toys.


Each day, you will receive updates through a mobile app which allows our teachers to share information as needed, send messages, and delight you with photos via e-mail. You are also welcome to use it to send your child’s teacher a message.


“We couldn’t be happier with our daughter’s experience at this center. Our two-year-old loves all of the teachers and staff and is excited to go to “school” every day. We are impressed daily with what our daughter learns and love hearing her talk about her day, count in Spanish, or sing her favorite new song.”

— Jessica S., Parent at New Horizon Academy

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