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A Place Where I Learned to Be Brave

Family photo of the Bowers family

My son started at New Horizon Academy when he was three years old. He is now five and about to start kindergarten. In his own words, he describes NHA as a place “where I learned to be brave”. As a parent, I have seen this change firsthand. While he entered the three-year-old program as a very quiet, introverted child, he is now a thriving and one of the more social kids in class. Every day at drop off, we are greeted by several friends running over excited to see my son, and the joy on his face is unmistakable. He is happy and loves his time learning and playing each day. In fact, he has told me, “Please don’t pick me up early, I want to stay until the end of the day!”

My son has learned within the framework of a structured curriculum at NHA and has gleaned skills that will be a big advantage in kindergarten and beyond. Perhaps even more importantly, he has learned to be a good friend, has opened up to building relationships with peers, and has gained confidence in himself.  

—The Bowers Family

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