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Pumpkin Marble Painting Craft

pumpkin marble painting

What better way to kick off the fall season than with a pumpkin marble painting craft!

Painting with Marbles

Materials for Pumpkin Marble Painting Craft

Materials needed for pumpkin marble painting kids craft

  • Pumpkin Print Out (You can also draw your own pumpkin.)
  • Tape
  • Orange Craft Paint
  • Brown Craft Paint
  • Marbles (Marbles are a choking hazard for children, adult supervision is required.)
  • Box Lid or Cookie Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Black Construction Paper

How to Paint a Pumpkin using Marbles

Using marbles to paint a pumpkin picture

  1. Tape your pumpkin to the inside of the box lid or cookie sheet.
  2. Paint the stem brown.
  3. Drizzle several globs of the orange paint onto the outside edge of the box lid or cookie sheet.
  4. Place the marbles inside the box lid or cookie sheet and begin tipping it back and forth.
  5. Continue with step #4 until the pumpkin is covered in paint.
  6. Remove the pumpkin from the box lid or cookie sheet and set aside to dry.
  7. Once dry, cut your pumpkin and glue to construction paper.

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*Download New Horizon Academy’s pumpkin template below.*

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