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DIY Recycled Crayons for Earth Day

Homemade Crayon Melts craft made out of broken crayons for Earth Day

The earth is a huge, wondrous place, but that size and wonder can make it hard to understand for our little ones. This Earth Day let’s make that a little bit easier with this easy kids’ craft. 

How to Make Homemade Crayon Melts for Earth Day

Throughout the process of making these colorful little worlds, children will begin to conceptualize what types of nature make up the planet and how it’s shaped. They will also learn what happens when you bake certain materials in the oven. This simple kids’ craft project requires very few ingredients, most of which you’ll already have around the house!  

*Because this project uses the oven, adult supervision is required. 


  • Green crayons
  • Blue crayons
  • White crayons
  • Brown crayons
  • Muffin pan
  • Oven
  • Oven mitt or heat-protective towel


  1. Start by peeling the crayons and breaking them into smaller pieces. (This is a great way to use broken crayons, which helps teach children the importance of reusing and recycling!) Smaller crayon pieces will result in a more textured design, while bigger pieces will create bigger “continents” on the earth’s surface.  
  2. Once you’re done peeling and breaking, preheat the oven to 300 degrees.  
  3. Next, load the crayons into the muffin pan. Try to fill them no deeper than an inch, as we want them to look more circular, and not cylindrical.  
  4. Once the oven has reached 300 degrees, put the muffin pan in to bake.  
  5. Wait 15-20 minutes for the crayons to bake. Keep an eye on the wax every 5-6 minutes… we don’t want it to melt! 
  6. Take the muffin pan out of the oven (don’t forget your oven mitt!) and let the crayons cool for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Put the muffin pan in your fridge for another 15-20 minutes. This will help to set the crayon molds.
  8. Take the pan out and voila! You just made earth crayons!

If you want to go above and beyond, you can use other color combinations to make other planets. This is a great way to teach young children about the solar system! 

Earth Day Crayons – Video Tutorial

Looking for more easy kid-friendly activities you can enjoy for Earth Day? Here are a few of our favorite simple projects for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. 

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