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Daylight Savings Time: Tips to Help Prepare Your Family for the Time Change

Child sleeping in bed with teddy bear

Daylight savings is just around the corner. We know that the time change can wreak havoc on the sleep schedule for parents and their children. Use our tried-and-true tips to help you and your child experience a smooth transition during the time change. The teachers at New Horizon Academy recommend the following tips to reduce sleep, memory, and behavior issues related to daylight savings time.

Transition Slowly

To ensure your child’s sleep does not get off track, make a slow transition. Gradually adjust your baby’s, toddler’s, preschooler’s, or school-ager’s bedtime and naptime backward or forward by 15 minutes for at least four nights prior to the time change. This will greatly ease the challenges associated with daylight savings.

Get Outdoors and Move

Research tells us that spending time outdoors improves sleep, so plan daily outdoor activities with your child. Use our 20 Ways to Get Outdoors With Your Child tips to help you and your child get active outdoors.

Focus on Lighting

Dimming the lights in your child’s bedroom before bedtime and using blackout curtains or shades to ensure the bedroom is not too bright in the morning will help reduce sleep issues related to daylight savings.

Turn Off Electronics

Studies have shown that using electronic devices prior to bedtime suppresses sleep. By simply turning off electronic devices 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, you can get a better night of rest and relaxation.

Establish a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

The hour before bed should consist of relaxing activities that promote sleep, such as bath time, story time, and meditation.

Be Patient

Adjusting to the new time change is not easy, so give yourself and your child some grace as you become accustomed to the changes.

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