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Start Your Year with a Rewarding Career!

It is a new year which means new opportunities! Is one of those resolutions on your list looking for a new career in childcare? If so, consider working with young children and see just how rewarding it can be at New Horizon Academy!

These early years of a child’s life are essential for their growth and development while they are still passionate and excited to learn. It is such a privilege to be included in the process of developing a child’s mind and preparing them for the future. Teaching with us means helping children build social skills, intellectual learning, and confidence while also having a ton of fun!

Company Growth

The demand for quality childcare is stagnant, and our business continues to grow with that demand. Parents want a reputable, positive learning environment for their children during their early years, and that means bringing their child to New Horizon Academy.

With that need, there are also many opportunities for growth at New Horizon Academy. You can start as an assistant teacher and work your way to becoming the director of one of our school locations. Countless staff have started as teachers and have grown within the company into various positions.

Flexible Hours

If you love the idea of having a standard weekly schedule, finding a career as a teacher in one of our classrooms would be ideal. If you want to work different hours around your own family’s needs, you might consider being a substitute or a fill-in when needed. Also, no nights or weekends!

Having Fun!

Who doesn’t want a job that is fun and exciting every day? Working with children every day brings new and exciting things. You get to see your curriculum shape children in your care. It is gratifying to witness them learn, grow, and see how the world works. This growth happens daily! We cannot think of a better reason to start your career in childcare.

Furthering Your Education and Experience

Most positions at New Horizon Academy do not require you to have a college degree. However, you need certification, experience, and training in childcare to be qualified for some of the positions you may be interested in applying to. However, you can often start at a lower position and work your way up by getting the necessary education needed. New Horizon Academy financially supports our staff in furthering their education in the field with our reimbursement program and scholarship.

Being Important

Most people think working in daycare centers is similar to babysitting, but there is much more in this career field. You are teaching children how to function in this world. Teachers are society’s key to shaping future generations. Teachers show children how to interact with others and build skills and confidence. The teachers at our schools often spend more time with a child than their parents do, which is why this job is vital!

There are countless rewards working in the childcare field. Many of our schools are looking for passionate teachers like you! To check for openings at a school near you, head to our position openings at newhorizonacademy.net/careers or call (763) 557-1111.

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