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Employee Spotlight: Kami Thompson

Kami Thompson - District Manager at New Horizon Academy
  • Name: Kami Thompson
  • Current Job Title: District Manager
  • Years with New Horizon Academy: 29 years
  • Past Job Titles: Teacher’s Aide, Toddler Teacher, Director in Training, Assistant Director, Director

Interview with District Manager: Kami Thompson

Kami’s Experience at New Horizon Academy

My story begins as a young, pregnant 19-year-old. I was waitressing at a local restaurant and would wake up in tears knowing I had to go to work. I hated my job, but every time I had a table with children, I realized just how much I enjoyed my interactions with them. At the time, I worked with a woman who worked for New Horizon Academy, who just so happens to still be working with our company today, and she would tell me how much she loved her job at New Horizon Academy. I started asking questions. She seemed so happy, and I just wanted to feel the same way about my job. I was so excited about the thought of working with children.

I interviewed, was hired, and leaped right into my New Horizon Academy journey. The very director I interviewed with still works for our company today. I still remember my very first day in the infant classroom. They asked me to make a bottle, and they had to show me how to do that because I didn’t know how. That makes me laugh to this day. I was so fortunate to have such great mentors to show me the way.

Early on, I was encouraged to get my certificate, of what would now be equivalent to a Child Development Associate® (CDA). I was pregnant, working, and received my certificate to become teacher qualified. After that, I worked at a variety of locations as a toddler teacher. As I grew with the company, my desire to be more involved grew as well. The director-in-training program became a logical next step where I learned under another incredible mentor who also still works for our company today. The director-in-training program gave me the confidence to become a director. I was directing by the age of 24 years old.

Join Our Team

While directing, I decided to further my education. New Horizon Academy not only paid for my associate’s degree, but also my bachelor of arts degree in early childhood education with the help of several T.E.A.C.H. grants. New Horizon Academy recognized my strengths and gave me the opportunities to further develop them. I was provided the opportunity to become involved in the local Chamber of Commerce, several community programs, Child Care Advocates Ready to Emerge (CARE) Fellowship, and so many others.

Later in my career, I had the unique opportunity to open a beautiful, brand-new school with an amazing team I still consider my closest friends. The support of my team will be something I carry with me always. I was so excited to start supporting another school to further develop my leadership skills.

My most recent chapter with New Horizon Academy begins with me stepping into my current role as a District Manager. I was overwhelmed with the amount of support I received from teachers, management team members, my fellow district managers, vice presidents, and more.

The support of my New Horizon Academy family has made me the woman I am today.

Watch New Horizon Academy’s interview with Kami here.

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