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Our Culture at New Horizon Academy


Joining New Horizon Academy means promoting a culture of mutual care and respect. Our main goal is to make the most meaningful and positive impact in early childhood education. Our purpose is helping staff, teachers, and families discover the joy of everyday life, ingraining how we grow, care, and learn together.

Working for New Horizon Academy means joining a community that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We believe in different perspectives and in building relationships that are respectful. We will always strive to do what is suitable for New Horizon Academy staff, teachers, and families by following our promises with actions and training throughout the organization.

Exciting Opportunities

A rewarding career begins with a supportive workplace, and at New Horizon Academy, there are always endless growth opportunities. Our staff and teachers are supported in taking their careers to the next level with access to training, education, and development programs. Developing knowledgeable, experienced, creative, and dedicated leaders helps New Horizon Academy succeed. Check out career opportunities at New Horizon Academy here.


We believe diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are the main components of making New Horizon successful. Living that belief, championing a more inclusive environment at our schools and within the workforce, and investing in training our staff helps to bring equality in our community.

Continuous Diversity Training

The DEIB initiative is our commitment to reflect, change, and grow as it relates to how we work together to create a learning environment and culture that is welcoming and inclusive. Our goal is for children, families, and employees at New Horizon Academy to feel fully supported. Our staff experience professional development training that touches on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging every year.

“New Horizon Academy is committed to the continued goal of nurturing a more diverse and inclusive generation of young children where inclusion, acceptance, and belonging are recognized and practiced, where respect and fairness are the building blocks of our programs, and where each child and employee knows that when they are with us, they are safe, respected, and valued” – Chad Dunkley, Chief Executive Officer at New Horizon Academy.

Learn more about our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiative, here.

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