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7 Simple Stretches for Families

Children stretching

Stretching is often an afterthought, but health experts say it should be incorporated into a daily routine. Whether it is every morning right when you wake up, immediately after a workout or warm up, or after you get ready for bed, stretching muscles needs to be incorporated into a daily activity. Check out our family-friendly stretches that are easy for the whole family to enjoy doing together.

Child’s Pose

Being one of the most popular yoga poses, this stretching is not only helpful, but it is also relaxing. First, kneel on the ground with your toes touching and legs slightly spread. Bend over slowly and touch your forehead to the floor.


The butterfly pose is a perfect stretch for the inner thigh muscle. Place the soles of your feet together and if needed, hold them with your hands. Gently press the knees down to the ground. If you want to include a spin stretch, slowly bend over.

Toe Touch

To stretch the hamstring muscle, stand up straight or sit on the floor with your legs out and your feet touching. Slowly bend over, hunching your back to touch your toes. Ensure your knees are slightly bent and try not to bounce if you are standing.

Straddle Stretch

Open up the hip muscles by sitting down and spreading your two legs apart. Lean towards the right shin and then switch to the other side. This will create a hamstring and quad stretch.


The cat-cow pose is a great way to incorporate breathing and stretching simultaneously. This is also very beneficial for the spine, neck, and pelvis. Begin in the tabletop position, where you are on all fours keeping the back straight. Now, breathe in, flexing the spine down and moving your tailbone up. Exhale, curve your back, and move your head downward, looking like a cat.


To relieve back and stomach muscle strain, first lie down with your belly on the ground. With your elbows bent and the hands placed right below your chin, slowly straighten the elbows raising your chest.


This starfish pose is the simplest stretch you will do as a family, but very helpful for stretching your shoulders, arms, and spine. Start by standing straight with your feet slightly apart. Slowly raise your hands above your head, opening your palms and fingers to “reach for the stars.”

Stretching is beneficial for children’s bodies helping them to stay active, increase flexibility, and aid their growth spurts. Please consult with your pediatrician or physical therapist if you have questions, concerns, or hesitations regarding a stretching routine.


  • Kristin McGee, CPT at VeryWell Family
  • Dr. Nirmala Shireesh Dharap at Mom Junction

Looking for more easy ways to keep your family active? Here are a few other of our favorite family fitness activities:

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