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Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Brother and Sister Reading A Book Together

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. During this month, we commemorate the Asian American and Pacific Islander culture, traditions, and heritage. As we celebrate, we asked the childcare teachers at New Horizon Academy to share a few of their favorite books about the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners

Author: Joanna Ho

In this book, a young Asian girl realizes that her eyes look different than the eyes of her peers. They all have big, round eyes with long lashes, while she has eyes that kiss in the corner. Throughout the story, she begins to discover her own beauty and journey to self-love. Your family will be sure to love this book.

The Name Jar

Author: Yangsook Choi

In this book, Unhei is the new kid at her school, and nobody can pronounce her name. She is anxious about fitting in, so she decides to choose an American name from the glass jar. As she draws names from the jar, nothing feels right. With the help of a new friend, she learns that her name, Unhei, is what is best. This heartwarming story will teach you and your family about finding courage to be yourself and being proud of your background.

Dear Juno

Author: Soyung Pak

In this book, Juno and his grandmother write letters back and forth to each other. Juno’s grandmother writes in Korean, and Juno writes in drawings. From the pictures they send to each other, Juno knows that his grandmother has a new cat, and his grandmother knows he wants her to come to visit. So, she sends Juno a miniature plane to let him know she’s on the way. This is a book that both you and your child will enjoy reaching together.

Ten Blocks to the Big Wok

Author: Ying-Hwa Hu

In this book, Mia and her uncle Eddie are traveling ten blocks through China Town from their apartment to the Big Wok restaurant. Along the way, they meet a little cat which is hidden on each page of the story. Your child will be excited to search for the cat as you turn each page. It is also a fully bilingual English/Mandarin counting book that will encourage you and your child to count from one to ten in Chinese.

Friends are Friends, Forever

Author: Dane Liu

In this book, you and your child will be able to explore the friendship between Dandan and Yueyue. They are celebrating their last night together on the Lunar New Year before Dandan moves to America. You and your family will cherish this story as it showcases the infinite impact of friendship and the passing of love and kindness around the world.

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