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Back-Up Care Program Partner: Target

Daycare teacher playing with child

What is the Back-Up Care Program?

New Horizon Academy’s Back-Up Care Program is a program that allows your employees who are not regularly using New Horizon Academy as their childcare provider to use New Horizon Academy when their regular childcare provider is not available. We offer discounted childcare tuition to your employees.

Case Study: Target

Target logo

The Challenge

Many employees of young children miss work because of gaps in child care coverage. According to a study by ChildCare Aware, 45 percent of parents report being absent from work due to child care breakdowns, resulting in an average of approximately 4.3 days of work missed every 6 months. ChildCare Aware estimates that US businesses lose $4.4 billion each year as a result of child care-related absenteeism. Target was looking for solutions to address the challenge of child care-related absenteeism.

The Solution

The Back-up Care Program at New Horizon Academy offered a streamlined solution for both Target and their team members. Target team members who are not regularly using New Horizon Academy as their child care provider used New Horizon Academy when their regular child care provider was not available.

The Result

The Back-up Care Program added to the strong network of support Target offers to all team members. Target team members had access to a back-up care program when their regular child care provider was not available or school was out of session, and Target saw a reduction in absenteeism due to challenges related to child care.


For more information about employer-sponsored care programs, visit our Employer-Sponsored Care page.

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