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How to Keep Kids Healthy This School Year

preschool child washing their hands with soap and water to stay healthy

School is back in session, and after a summer of fun outside, students of all ages are spending more time indoors. Coupled with the onset of cold and flu season, the start of the school year often brings more illnesses for all members of the family.

Because we know the importance of a steady school routine, New Horizon Academy teachers and staff work hard to keep the children in their care healthy. Not only does this help prevent missed school days (and inconveniences for working parents), but it helps minimize the spread of illness in our classrooms.

Here are a few tips to help your family stay healthy throughout the school year – and help your child adopt healthy habits for life!

How to Keep Kids Healthy Throughout the Year

1. Handwashing

We all know the importance of regular handwashing, but it can be tough to get kids to comply. At New Horizon Academy, we sing the Happy Birthday song twice while washing hands. This amounts to about 20 seconds, and it’s easy and fun for kids to sing along!

2. Don’t Touch Your Face

This is easier said than done, especially for small children, but it’s important. Illnesses are easily spread when a child touches something that is contaminated and then touches their nose, mouth, or eyes. Offer frequent verbal and visual reminders!

3. Cover Your Mouth and Nose

Remind children to sneeze into a tissue or the inner crook of their elbow to keep their hands clean. At New Horizon Academy, we tell children to “Give your sneeze a hug!”

4. Adopt Healthy Habits

Make sure children are getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, moving their bodies, and drinking plenty of fluids!

Make Handwashing Fun with This Easy Experiment

We’ve created a fun germ experiment to teach young children the importance of washing their hands. You’ll only need a pan, dish soap, water, and pepper! Watch the video below, and get the detailed instructions here.

Health and Safety at New Horizon Academy

At New Horizon Academy, we know that health and safety is important for families. We’ve made it our mission to provide a safe and secure environment for our children, teachers, and staff. Visit our health and safety page to learn more about what we do every day to keep your kids safe.

New Horizon Academy is a nationally recognized early learning provider with over 90 schools in Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, and Kansas. Through play-based curriculum and high-quality daycare, New Horizon Academy schools nurture and prepare children to succeed in school and in life.

Schedule a tour to learn more about our highly trained teachers, safe and secure facilities, and commitment to providing the highest quality care. Contact a New Horizon Academy childcare center near you today!

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