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4 Fun Fine Motor Table Top Activities

Muffin Tin Sorting

  • Find a variety of small objects that can be picked up with tongs (pom-poms, cotton balls, small toys, etc.)
  • Have children use tongs to pick up objects and place them in each of the muffin tin spots.

Cheerio Fine Motor

  • Place a chunk of play dough on a table or hard surface.
  • Stick an uncooked spaghetti noodle into the play dough.
  • Have children string Cheerios onto the spaghetti noodle.

Sticker Play

  • Draw large shapes or letters on a piece of paper.
  • Have children use stickers to trace the shape or letter.

Card Slot Drop

  • Find a container with a lid and cut a slit in the top.
  • Have children drop cards into the slot, and then take the cover off and count how many they got in!
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