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4 Colorful STEAM Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Materials: Scavenger hunt list, bag or box to put objects in (optional)

  • Choose a color and have children go on a scavenger hunt for it!
  • Once you have exhausted one color, try a different color!
  • Other categories to try:
    • Shape
    • Things that use batteries
    • Things that make noise
    • Specific objects within your home
    • Living things
    • Things that feel a certain way (soft, hard, bumpy, etc.)
    • Nature objects
    • Toys (animals, cars, dolls, etc.)

Graphing Our Environment

Materials: Piece of paper, crayons, markers, or pencils

  • Choose a category and have your child graph it!
    • What color the cars are that pass by outside
    • How many of each shape or color you see in your home
  • Have children count up how many of each object they have.
  • Other categories to try:
    • Food (cereal, noodles, beans, etc.)
    • How many of each sticker
    • Different types of coins
    • Buttons
    • Daily weather
    • Nature objects
    • Toys (animals, cars, dolls, etc.)

Magic Milk

Materials: Plate, milk, food coloring, Q-tip, dish soap

  • Pour milk onto a plate.
  • Put drops of food coloring on milk (do not mix).
  • Dip Q-tip into dish soap so the tip is coated.
  • Dip soap-covered end of Q-tip into the milk near the food coloring drops.
  • See what happens!

Questions To Ask Your Child:

  • What do you think will happen when you dip the Q-tip into the milk?
  • What colors were created when the food coloring mixed?
  • Why does the food coloring move away from the Q-tip?

Walking Rainbow

Materials: 6 see-through containers, 6 paper towels, red, yellow, and blue food coloring, water

  • Place the six cups in a circle.
  • Fill all cups with water (about half full).
  • Put red food coloring in first cup, yellow food coloring in third cup, and blue food coloring in sixth cup.
  • Roll paper towels into strips and put one end in colored water and other into jar next to it. Continue with all six jars.

Questions To Ask Your Child:

  • What colors do you think will be made in the clear water?
  • Why is the water traveling between the jars?
  • What other colors can you make when you mix colors?
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