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School Safety at New Horizon Academy

teacher helping student practice safety outside

We know the importance of families trusting us with their children when they cannot be with them. At New Horizon Academy, we take that very seriously, which is why we have door codes and alarms, hire trustworthy caregivers to protect the children, and build safe, beautiful classrooms. It is essential for families and children to only think about learning, playing, and having fun while at New Horizon Academy.

Secure and Injury-Proofed Buildings

When your child is at one of our schools, we take every precaution while giving them the freedom to play and discover new things. Every classroom is children proofed, meaning there are pinch-free door hinges, safe toys, and everything to find is within arm’s reach safe for your child to explore. Our doors are locked during business hours and are only open for authorized staff and enrolled families with a code. People who have access to your child are preapproved and must show photo identification at pickup.

The security measures we take begin before you enter one of our facilities. Each building is secure with a front door keypad, and there is an individualized code unique to each school which is changed multiple times a year. Each of our schools have security cameras in most classrooms and outdoor spaces to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our care. At each school, regular inspections by management personnel and state officials, including health and fire departments, are done to identify and correct any possible safety hazards.

Illness Policy

We want to protect children and families from others displaying illness which is why we continue to enforce guidelines of excluding ill children at our schools.

Trained Staff

At New Horizon Academy, our highly qualified and trained staff are committed to providing excellent care and education experience for children in our care. Individual background studies are completed on each employee before they begin their career with us, and all staff are certified in first aid and CPR.

Safe Sleep

Socializing, playing, and learning sure can be exhausting! Your tired one will sleep soundly in their own crib with clear sides to see or cot with safety procedures in place.

Clean Classrooms

Cleaning your child’s classroom happens all day and every day. We sanitize harmful germs but are gentle with children. Throughout the day, classrooms are sanitized on high-touch surfaces and toys.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have installed ionization systems at each location to help purify the air, kill viruses and bacteria, control allergens, and prevent the spreading of harmful germs.

Food and Allergy

Meal and snack times are a favorite for the children in our care! Schools do not have peanut products and use specially color-coded plates and cups for those who have allergies. Our menu is planned by a registered dietitian, and our on-site cooking staff makes sure all the food is stored and served correctly.

Secure Playgrounds

Outside, fenced-in, secure perimeters give your child freedom to explore and play. Our playground equipment is designed for a range of ages, and the soft-landing areas are tested monthly by facilities technicians to make sure everything is sturdy, secure, and ready for a fun playtime!

If you are looking for childcare emphasizing the importance of keeping children safe, we are the right place for your family. If you want to compare what we have to offer to other schools, feel free to download our Childcare Checklist.

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