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Preparing for Your Family’s First Day in Childcare at New Horizon Academy

preschool boy smiling on his first day of childcare at New Horizon Academy

The first day of childcare is a big milestone for both you and your child. You may feel excited and nervous, and so may your child. Preparation is the key to a smooth transition for both of you. Here are a few tips from the teachers at New Horizon Academy to help you ease into a new routine.

Before Your Child’s First Day

  • Label everything. We recommend labeling everything: clothing, pacifier, stuffed animals, toothbrush, and any other items you bring for your child. This will help ensure your child’s items are not misplaced.
  • Talk about the new routine. Take a moment to talk about and explain the new routine for you and your child. Keep your conversation light and happy, answer questions, and help your child understand the new routine. The more prepared you are, the better the first day will go.

On Your Child’s First Day

  • Allow extra time. This is new for both you and your child, so allowing a little extra time will help reduce the need to rush, and drop-off may take a little longer than usual on the first day. Planning for extra time will help create a smoother transition.
  • Communicate a plan. Even though your child may not be able to tell time, it is important to let your child know exactly when you will pick him up. This will help create a smooth transition, too.
  • Hug and go. It is natural to want to spend extra time during drop-off, but lingering in the classroom may cause it to take more time for your child to adjust to their new environment. Our teachers are well-prepared to comfort, support, and help your child adjust to their new routine.

During Your Child’s First Day

  • Stay connected. We are here for you and your child, so use our electronic app, call us, and check in during drop-off and pick-up. From a note about your child’s day to photos showing highlights from your child’s day, we will work diligently to keep you in the loop on how things are going. Feel free to reach out and ask questions, too. Our goal is to create a smooth transition.

This transition milestone is just the first of many in your child’s life. With a little preparation, you will create a smooth experience for both you and your child. We are with you every step of the way as you navigate this new journey.

Download Our Childcare Transition Quick Guides

Download our quick guides to help ease your child’s transition into childcare.

Download Childcare Transition Guide for Infants

Download Childcare Transition Guide

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