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Celebrating Black History Month: Benjamin Banneker

We conclude our celebration of Black History Month by commemorating the achievements of Benjamin Banneker.

Benjamin Banneker’s Accomplishments

  • Inventor and Engineer
    • Benjamin Banneker invented many things including the first clock.
  • Scientist and Naturalist
    • Benjamin Banneker used his agricultural knowledge to develop techniques to improve crop production.
  • Astronomer and Mathematician
    • Benjamin Banneker accurately predicted lunar and solar events such as the 1789 solar eclipse.

Activities to Celebrate Benjamin Banneker

Reading Activity

We recommend reading Ticktock Banneker’s Clock by Shana Keller. This children’s book tells the extraordinary story of Benjamin Banneker. Inspired by a pocket watch, Benjamin built the first strike clock in America. Your family will enjoy this moving story of a man admired for his work in science, mathematics, and astronomy.



Educational Video

Watch this wonderful video from TedEd to learn more about Benjamin Banneker. Your child will be impressed with amazing accomplishments of Benjamin Banneker.

Watch: The Exceptional Life of Benjamin Banneker Video

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