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Caring Beyond the Classroom

We always want to give back to our community at New Horizon Academy. We also want to get the children in our care involved in our classrooms to teach them about gratitude. When we teach children to help those who are less fortunate, it helps them understand the meaning of being grateful.

We incorporated a program called Caring Beyond the Classroom into our curriculum involving our employees, teachers, families, and children. Caring Beyond the Classroom creates a lifelong commitment to service and promotes social responsibility, empathy, kindness, and compassion towards others.

Typically, each school participates in an annual, company-wide Caring Beyond the Classroom event that gives to organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Color-A-Smile, Project Linus, and Pinky Swear. When children experience Caring Beyond the Classroom, it empowers them to do good in the world, and the act of serving increases their self-confidence, which aligns with our company’s mission and philosophy.

In addition to the community service projects for the non-profit organizations incorporated into our Caring Beyond the Classroom program, here are some simple ideas to help teach your children about kindness and being grateful:

Model Grateful Behavior

As a parent, children look up to you for guidance, so when you are speaking to them in a grateful manner, they will soon follow. For example, if a child is picking up their toys, thank them for cleaning the mess up and appreciate the effort. It could be anything as simple as putting their shoes on or getting dressed in the morning.

Add Gratitude to Your Routine

Every day when the whole family is together for dinner or bedtime, take turns sharing what you are thankful for. You can then talk about why they are grateful for that person, place, service, or item and encourage your child to think of those less fortunate that may not have that.

Let Children Help

Children love having a purpose and being involved. Start a routine where your child is responsible for tasks around the house, like picking up toys, making their bed, and anything else that is age appropriate. They will feel satisfied knowing they are contributing to the family, and it’s a great way to start giving them responsibilities.

Help Children Understand Giving

It’s no surprise children love receiving gifts, but when a child receives a gift, try to help them understand that even though a present may not be what they were expecting, it’s the thought that counts. This will also help them understand the perspective of the gift giver.

We cannot express enough the importance of installing the values of compassion, kindness, and giving at an early age. This will positively impact their lives, community, and the world. Learn more about our Caring Beyond the Classroom program by visiting our website.

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