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Attentive, Friendly, Smart, and Compassionate

Bradley Family Story

“Attentive, friendly, smart, and compassionate is how I describe the teachers and staff at New Horizon Academy. It makes me feel so good about dropping my children off every day. When my oldest started kindergarten he was so much more prepared than the other kids in his class. This is because of the little things that the teachers do to give individualized attention to each child. My son (now 7) was not interested in learning how to write. The teacher went online and found a way to make tracing sheets that had his favorite things on it: Star Wars, LEGO, and the names of family members. She even laminated them and had a copy for us to practice with at home. The stories could go on and on, but when my youngest was in the infant room, I was able to see her 3-4 times a day when I was nursing her. This created such a cool bond that I will always cherish. It’s these kinds of situations that make me recommend New Horizon Academy to family and friends. I truly hold New Horizon as a center of excellence for which other daycares should strive to be.”

—The Bradley Family

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