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Daycare Costs at New Horizon Academy

Daycare teacher giving child a New Horizon Academy teddy bear

Visit Our Tuition Page for More Info

Daycare costs at New Horizon Academy are carefully determined by all of the factors that are included in providing a premier service. Those variables include:

  • Location
  • Age of the children
  • Days per week daycare is needed

The New Horizon Academy in your community is the best resource for information regarding the care and services offered. Our director will meet with you to learn about the individual desires of your family and help offer solutions that best meet your needs.

Please speak with your local director for specific details regarding the daycare/child care costs for your family.

At New Horizon Academy, we know you cherish your child, and so will we. That’s the promise we make to you each day! 

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Interested in learning about resources that can help ease the cost of childcare? Learn more about New Horizon Academy’s tuition support opportunities you could be eligible for.


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