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5 Ways to Celebrate Diversity Month with Your Child

Mother and Father Looking At Daughter

The world is increasingly interconnected and becoming more aware of diversity. Finding a way to appreciate differences is vital to modern life and is critical to raising happy, inclusive children. Make sure your child learns and understands diversity by considering why others are different. Celebrate by teaching your child about diversity through these helpful strategies.

Actively Watch

If your child is watching a show that has a very diverse cast, sit with them, point out any stereotypes you observe, and explain why those stereotypes cannot be tolerated.

Read About Differences

Take time to read children’s books with characters with different backgrounds, environments, and economic status, then talk to your child about what they see and help them understand.

Correct Your Child

If your child is at the park and decides to make poor remarks that display as homophobic, racist, or sexist, try not to get angry. Use this moment to teach them what is right and what is wrong.

Celebrate Different Cultures

Try to immerse your family in different festivals and celebrations. Introducing your child to a community that represents a variety of cultures and backgrounds will help them understand and be comfortable with differences.

Be an Inclusion Role Model

Your child is mirroring your actions. If you act a certain way toward certain music, religion, races, etc., your child will most likely emulate that.

Children are naturally ignorant about differences. Making diversity a critical topic to explore and understand at a young age will help with inclusivity. Check out what New Horizon Academy is doing to teach diversity in our classroom and how we are celebrating everyone’s differences here.

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