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We Knew This Was the Right Place for Our Family

“There are so many things to think about when you start a family. Child care wasn’t even close to the top of the list as my husband and I traveled the path of in-vitro fertilization in our quest to have a healthy child. Once we got past the shock of success and learned we were expecting a little girl, the things I worried about shifted. All of a sudden daycare was at the top of the list and I was terrified. How on earth could a stranger care for my daughter as well as I could?

New Horizon Academy was the first place we toured in our search for a daycare provider, and we’ve never looked back.  From the moment I walked in the front door almost three years ago I knew that this was the right place for our family. I will never forget the day we toured; seeing the industriousness of a table of preschoolers intent on learning a new skill, the ‘organized chaos’ I’ve since learned is inevitable with a group of toddlers and the love in a teacher’s eyes and the smile on their face as they rock and play with an infant after feeding. It was clear not only were the children happy, but that the teachers and staff truly enjoyed what they were doing.

I was so scared the day I dropped Bailey off for the first time, unsure if my husband and I made the right decision and worried about how things would go. The teachers told me that she would be fine and reminded me that it is always harder for the parents. They gave me a big hug and the frequent updates that were promised through Daily Connect continue even to this day. Many parents don’t have the ability to stay at home with their children. The knowledge that your child is being well cared for when not with you is irreplaceable. Throughout the years the staff at NHA have been a godsend. From coping with seemingly constant illness in those first months, kissing bumps and bruises as she learned to walk, teaching important life skills (like putting on a jacket) and most recently helping all of us transition into life with a preschooler; the knowledge and experience of the staff has helped my daughter to develop into the spunky, cheerful and independent little girl she is today.”

—The Sloan Family

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