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Tracking Milestones Helps Children Grow

As a parent, you can see how children grow firsthand. Developmental milestones can help you better understand what is typical in your child’s development, and if there might be a concern.

Developmental milestones are typical achievements children reach. Milestones are organized by age, and include the four areas of development: cognitive, language and communication, motor (or physical) and social and emotional. You can find a detailed listing and videos of developmental milestones at: helpmegrowmn.org/HMG/DevelopMilestone/index.html.

As a child reaches a new milestone, share that news with others. If you notice a child isn’t reaching milestones or if you have a concern, share that information also. Below are some suggestions when sharing information with others:

  • Schedule a time to talk and share the topic of the meeting.
  • Talk about the child’s strengths. Talk about concerns by sharing observations and ask questions about specific areas of development.
  • Use a developmental checklist as an objective guide to a child’s development. Remember that the Help Me Grow website has detailed information on developmental milestones for ages Birth through 5 years, here: helpmegrowmn.org/HMG/DevelopMilestone/index.html.
  • Focus on developmental milestones, specific behaviors, and the need to “rule out” possible concerns.
  • Consider talking to the child’s health care provider about these and any concerns if not already done.
  • Discuss making a referral through Help Me Grow online at helpmegrowmn.org or by calling 1-866-693-4769 (GROW). These referrals will be routed to the child’s local school district. The parent(s) will receive a call from school staff within 7-14 calendar days from the date of the referral.
  • Discuss the importance of early identification and intervention for developmental concerns.
  • End the meeting with a plan that may include follow-up with other resources.

For more information about how to encourage and support a child’s development, or how to refer a child, visit helpmegrowmn.org.

Portions of this content, developed by Help Me Grow Minnesota, may have previously appeared elsewhere.
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