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How to Make Fireworks in a Jar

food coloring dilating in glass jar to make fireworks in a jar

Did you know you can enjoy fireworks from the comfort of your own home? Well, not real fireworks of course, but we have an activity that will be just as fun for you and your child! Help inspire your child’s creativity and learning through these 5 easy steps to make fun and safe fireworks in a jar.

Materials You Will Need

  • Cooking Oil
  • Bowl
  • Tall Empty Glass Jar
  • Fork/Whisk
  • Water
  • Food Coloring

5 Simple Steps to Make Fireworks in a Jar

  1. Measure one tablespoon of oil into the bowl.
  2. Add several drops of food coloring to the bowl.
  3. Whisk the food coloring and oil together to mix.
  4. Pour the mixture into your jar full of water.
  5. Watch the fireworks in action!

Video Tutorial


Questions to Ask Your Child During the Experiment

  1. What does the mixture do once it touches the water?
  2. Did the mixture float or sink?
  3. What happens when you mix colors?


Although this is not real fireworks, this activity is just as fun and safer to handle. And best of all… no loud noises!

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