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Our family cares
about your family.

New Horizon Academy
Welcome to New Horizon Academy

Since 1971, it has been our mission to provide the best child care and early education programs on the planet. With an uncompromising commitment to excellence and passionate, talented teachers, you will be delighted to discover the difference at New Horizon Academy.

New Horizon Academy
Learning Programs
New Horizon Academy’s commitment to excellence begins with our youngest learners. Your child will flourish in New Horizon Academy’s thoughtfully planned programs, which are designed especially to meet your child’s specific needs at each stage of development from infants and toddlers through preschoolers and beyond.
Learning Programs

What makes
New Horizon Academy unique?

Family Owned and Operated

We are a family-owned and operated organization. We have a passion for innovation, and you can trust us to make the right choices for young children.

We've Made the Grade

We have 100 percent of our eligible programs accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to stay connected by receiving photos, updates, and messages from your child’s teacher throughout the day.

Keep in Touch

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