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5 Tips for Your Family to Maintain Health and Fitness

National Family Health & Fitness Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in September and promotes family involvement in physical activity.

Here are a 5 ideas to help your family celebrate this health and wellness:

  1. Cook Together – Cooking together is a wonderful way to focus on wellness. It provides you with an opportunity to teach healthy habits to your children.
  2. Eat Together – Eating together provides you with an opportunity to role model healthy habits and build connections.
  3. Get Active Together – Go for a walk, play kickball, a game of tag, or a family favorite game. Being active together helps your family stay healthy and fit.
  4. Spend Time Outdoors Together – Whether you are going for a bike ride, hiking, or ice skating, spending time outdoors is a great way to connect with nature and promotes physical health.
  5. Participate in Mindfulness Activities – Yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation create mental clarity and calmness, sharpen concentration, and provide health benefits.

With a little planning, your family can enhance your health and well-being, all while having quality time together.

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