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4 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

Children plying outdoor games

In honor of New Horizon Academy’s 50th anniversary as a daycare provider for young children, we thought we would share popular outdoor games from 1970 that you can play with your child.

1. Freeze Tag

The game is similar to the classic game Tag but includes a slight twist to make the game more exciting. One player is it. If the person who is it tags a player, that person must freeze in place until tagged and set free by another participant. When the one who is it tags everyone, the last person caught becomes it. Your family will have a blast playing this fun game together.

2. Red Light, Green Light

One child is it and turns his or her back to a line of players. When it says, “Green Light,” the players move forward trying to reach him or her. When it says, “Red Light,” he or she turns around to look at the players. Anyone seen moving has to return to the starting line. The first child to reach it wins and takes over that job for the next round. This is not only a fun game, but it helps your child develop his or her listening and self-regulation skills, self-awareness skills, and responsible decision-making skills. A great added bonus to an enjoyable family game.

3. Sardines

This game is similar to Hide-and-Seek, but with an extra fun surprise. Only one person hides, and all the other players look. Anyone finding the hidden player joins him or her in the hiding place. This continues until all players, squeezed together in the hiding space like sardines, are found by the last remaining child, or until everyone ends up hidden together. Giggles are guaranteed as you play this game together.

4. Flashlight Tag

This game is played exactly like Hide-and-Seek, but it takes place after dark and includes a flashlight. Provide flashlights to all players. One player is it. If the person who is it tags a player by shining the flashlight on them, then they become it. Not only is this a new way to play tag, but it is always fun to stay up past bedtime to play a game together.

Enjoy making memories with these throwback outdoor children’s games from the 1970s!

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