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Whimsical Cars Activity

When you blow, you create moving air, or wind. When wind pushes against an object, it makes the object move. For this engineering activity, you will repurpose art supplies, toys, and recyclables to make a vehicle that moves by the wind you create by blowing on it!

Whimsical Cars


  • Cardboard tubes (paper towels tubes, toilet paper tubes, gift wrap tubes, etc.)
  • Lifesavers or LEGO wheels
  • Non-bendable drinking straws or small sticks
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Arts supplies to decorate (crayons, marks, stickers)


  1. First, create two sets of wheels for your vehicle by placing the stick or straw through the holes of the Lifesaver or LEGO wheels. Place tape on both side of the wheel on the stick/straw to stop it from sliding off the stick/straw or from sliding into your vehicle.
  2. Next, tape the sets of wheels to the bottom of your cardboard tube.
  3. Finally, decorate and race! Try racing down ramps you create with toys!

Extended Learning:

  1. How far does your car travel when you blow once? How many puffs does it take your car to travel six feet?
  2. What happens if you change the size of your car?
  3. What happens if you add new materials? Choose one thing to change (that’s the variable) and make a prediction.

Created by Amy Blaubach, Director of STEM Education, New Horizon Enterprises


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