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Tips for Infants: Talk, Read and Sing Together Every Day

Infant Program


  • Your touch and voice help your baby learn. Listen to the fun sounds your baby makes and repeat them. When they coo, coo back. Hold their hand gently and when they smile, smile back. Your loving touch combined with this back-and-forth “baby language” are the first steps in talking.
  • Everywhere you go, talk about what you see and what your baby is looking at: “Wow, I see the four dogs, too!” “I love that red truck you’re playing with. It goes beep beep!”
  • Play “Peek-a-boo” while getting your baby dressed. Ask, “Where’s (baby’s name)?” when you pull a shirt over your baby’s head. Then say, “There you are!”
  • As you feed your baby, use words to describe what foods taste, feel, and look like. “This yogurt is smooth.” “That yellow banana is sweet!”
  • Looking into your baby’s eyes, holding your baby’s hand, and talking to your baby in a high voice are all ways that you can help your child grow up to be a confident, loving adult.


  • Read a book or tell a story to your baby every day – in whatever language you feel most comfortable – beginning at birth.
  • Cuddle with your baby as you share a book. It doesn’t matter how young your child is; even newborn babies are learning when their parents read with them.
  • Point to the book’s pictures: “Look, the train goes choo-choo!” Using words to describe what you see builds language.


  • Hold your baby close during bedtime and sing a favorite song again and again. Singing the same song can help your baby feel calm and safe.
  • Sing silly songs about your day to help get your baby’s attention during diaper changing.
  • Your baby loves to hear your voice even if you think you can’t sing! The sound of your voice is comforting to your baby.

[Source: Talking Is Teaching]

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