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6 Safe Ways to Navigate Social Media with your School-ager

New Horizon Academy - School-Age Program

For many of us, social media didn’t even exist when we were kids. Today, our children are surrounded by it. Whether it comes from their friends or their peers, our children are besieged by social media. From YouTube Challenges to text messages back and forth between friends, our children are exposed to social media on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate social media with your school-ager:

Talk about it

Be transparent and talk to your child about the pros and cons of social media. Be up front about ‘challenges’ on social media and talk to your child about potential risks associated with engaging in these challenges.

Establish guidelines

Set clear guidelines regarding social media usage. Whether it is limiting the amount of time spent on social media or establishing content viewing rules, create a plan and stick to it.

Check in frequently

Make time to connect with your child. Commit to putting down your devices and chat with one another. This connection will be invaluable when you need to discuss social media concerns.

Acknowledge peer pressure

Address peer pressure head-on by openly discussing these challenges and brainstorming ways to deal with it.

Teach your child about their online reputation

What you post online stays online. This is a concept not fully grasped by young children using social media. Help your child understand this concept.

Model responsible online habits

Make sure your involvement sends the message you intend. If your child requests that you film them, talk about where and how this video should be shared. Explain the why.


With your involvement and support, your child can safely & successfully navigate social media.


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