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Leaf Matching Game

In honor of Arbor Day, we thought you would enjoy playing our leaf matching game. As you play, talk about Arbor Day. Arbor Day is a special day that is set aside throughout the world to raise awareness of trees and the important role that they play in our environment. Trees benefit us:

  • Trees help clean our air. They remove pollutants from the atmosphere, improving air quality.
  • Trees provide us with oxygen. Trees take in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen—that is photosynthesis.
  • Trees provide shade. This lowers air temperatures.
  • Trees benefit wildlife. Trees provide a habitat for animals.

By understanding and appreciating the role of trees in our environment, we can do our part in maintaining and preserving trees.


  1. Print the New Horizon Academy Leaf Matching Game cards.
  2. Cut out the cards on the dotted line.

How To Play

  1. Mix up the cards.
  2. Lay the cards in rows, face down.
  3. Turn over any two cards.
  4. If the two cards match, keep them, and go again.
  5. If they do not match, turn them back over, and the next player turns over two cards.
  6. The game is over when all of the cards have been matched.

Have fun learning about Arbor Day and playing the Leaf Matching Game.

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