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4 Simple Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool Writing

Make Your Own Writing Tray

  • Write or type letter or words for your child.
  • Fill a baking sheet or baking pan with a thin layer of a sensory    material (sand, salt, flour, glitter, sprinkles, etc.)
  • Have children use a stick or their finger to write the letters/words.

Q-Tip Writing

  • Write or type a letter, words, or your child’s name in a large font.
  •  Pour paint into a cup or dish or take out a stamp pad and have children use a Q-Tip to trace the letters.

Squishy Bag Writing

  • Write or type letters or words for your child.
  • Fill a gallon bag with shaving cream, gel, or some other thick liquid, let all the air out, and seal the bag.
  • Have children use their finger or a Q-Tip to write the letters or words on the outside of the bag.

Play Dough Writing

  • Write or type a letter, words, or your child’s name in a large font.
  • Have children mold the play dough into lines or shapes to trace the letters.
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