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Substitute Teacher

At New Horizon Academy, we have created our very own Sub Network where our employees will travel among different centers in need of an extra hand, and be within different classrooms each week. The best part about the Sub Network is that YOU create your own schedule! You would let us know every Tuesday what days your available for the following week, and by the next day, we will tell you which center you’ll be going to on your available days for the following week. You will only travel to locations that are within a 10-15-mile radius from your home.


Each day you’re scheduled, you’ll go one of our centers that requested help and assist in their classroom (infants, toddlers, preschool, or school age). Depending on the age group, there may be some additional tasks to help with (for example in infants and toddlers, you may need to help change diapers, feed bottles, etc.)

Compensation as follows:

ECT- $22.00-23.50/hr. DOE

Aides- $18.50-$19.40/hr. DOE

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