Learning Programs

SEEDS of School-Readiness

At New Horizon Academy, we understand the importance of a child’s journey on the road to reading and have partnered with the University of Minnesota's Center for Early Education and Development to incorporate the SEEDS of School-Readiness emergent literacy curriculum into all of our learning programs. The SEEDS of School-Readiness emergent literacy curriculum begins with our infant program and continues through the toddler, preschool, and kindergarten programs at New Horizon Academy. Teachers provide children with developmentally appropriate settings, materials, experiences, and social support that encourage early forms of reading and writing to flourish and develop into conventional literacy.

At each stage of development, the children are exposed to different materials, tools, and activities that help them develop the skills necessary to read, such as: a word wall that includes high-frequency words, children’s names, and words associated with the current learning theme, a daily sign-in area for children to sign in when they arrive in the classroom, appropriate books in all learning centers, clipboards and writing tools in all learning centers, children’s writing displayed throughout the classroom, journaling opportunities, and group time enhancements.

Teachers develop literacy lesson plans with activities that support the development of vocabulary, narrative skills, letter knowledge, print motivation, print awareness, and phonological awareness. The teachers are intentional in the activities they plan for each individual child. Teachers partner with parents to provide information regarding their child’s progression through the learning and development process, along with meaningful “homework” activities designed to extend each child’s learning experiences into the home.