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Employer Sponsored Corporate Care
We have developed a unique approach to the management of workplace child care centers. We view operations as a partnership between the sponsor, parents, and New Horizon. This partnership is designed to meet the needs of clients who are committed to sponsoring a quality program but want to be relieved of the day-to-day responsibility of managing a child care program.

New Horizon is responsible for management of the program, using child care resources in a careful, cost-efficient manner, and for maintaining quality standards and policies. We recognize that each workplace has its own needs, operating realities, and culture. New Horizon has a clear understanding of the issues affecting child care quality, and a philosophical commitment to meeting the needs of children and families in a supportive, positive manner.

Within the partnership, New Horizon assures that the program is responding to the needs of the company’s employees. The program operates according to quality standards, budget, and policies approved by the company. Each partnership is customized and operated within specified guidelines and each company’s unique needs. New Horizon’s sophisticated understanding of the realities of employer-sponsored child care assures that the company gets the maximum return on its child care investment, which includes:

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