About Us

History & Mission

Our founder, Sue Dunkley, began her career as an elementary school teacher. However, she soon discovered that the school district's philosophy at the time was very different from her own. It became clear to her how important it is for children to feel good about themselves. She knew she needed to provide a nurturing place for children to go before they ventured out into the big world, a place that would help them believe in themselves. That is why New Horizon was born. She chose the name "New Horizon" because she believes that each and every child deserves a new horizon, a place where he or she can say, "I like me!"

New Horizon Academy has been serving families since 1971. Because of our continuing love, belief, and dedication to children, we have flourished and become one of the nation's most successful and respected child care providers. The commitment to excellence Sue strived for in New Horizon's early beginning is the foundation that our company is built on and is the cornerstone of all our New Horizon Academy centers. Today, New Horizon is operated by many dedicated people. Although we are growing and serving more families each year, we will always have family roots, a warm atmosphere, an open door, and a commitment to excellence.

To open “New Horizons” of self-esteem and potential for the little people entrusted to our care, their families, and our employees by providing and continuously improving the best child development on the planet!

How Children Learn
Powerful research on child development tells us that from birth, a child's brain is a burst of activity. Each and every experience creates an electrical impulse in a baby's brain, and an immediate connection is made. These early connections form the foundation for the acquisition of language, mathematical reasoning and logic, art and music appreciation, and the development of emotional intelligence.

We also know that family members and early childhood educators can have the greatest impact on each child's potential for learning. The early interactions, stimulating environment, and learning opportunities we provide at New Horizon Academy will help determine how young children will learn, think, feel, behave and interact for the rest of their lives!

Promoting Self-Esteem in Children
At New Horizon Academy, we have many practices designed to help children develop healthy self-esteem, which include:

The entire mission, philosophy, and practices of New Horizon Academy are devoted to the development of a healthy sense of self in every child enrolled in our programs and a commitment to excellence.

We are delighted to welcome your family to New Horizon Academy. Childhood may only last a short while, but we know your family will gain many happy memories with us that will last a lifetime.