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Surrounded, Nurtured, and Cared For

My name is Bethany, and my daughter, Ellowyn, is now in the Young Two classroom at New Horizon Academy in Boise, Idaho. Ellowyn was born here in Boise, but her father Harrison was born in Tennessee and I in California. Harrison and I met in California, and a few years later decided to move to Boise. Three months after moving here, we found out we were pregnant with Ellowyn and welcomed her to the world in November of 2015. Ellowyn has been enrolled in New Horizon Academy since she was four months old and had the ability to be surrounded, nurtured, and cared for by the wonderful women here for over a year and a half now. We love the stability that New Horizon Academy provides with a rich curriculum as well as the constant communication through the app. New Horizon Academy is actually the only child care center her father and I agreed on. New Horizon Academy has done a wonderful job working with us and Ellowyn’s dairy allergy over the time we have been here and taken the initiative to learn more about it as well as make adjustments and get special substitutes so she is able to eat like the other children. This year Harrison passed away in August, three days after his 27th birthday but I find comfort knowing that Ellowyn is growing into such an intelligent, goofy, and loving child despite the absence, and I am excited for the many years to come of watching her grow, learn, and achieve more.

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