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How to Help Your Child Adjust to Going Back to School

New Horizon Academy and many other childcare and education programs stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide families much-needed care. But for many others, the pandemic meant keeping their entire family home to stay safe. Now, programs and schools are opening up for in-person learning, which means more children will be away from home after a long time. Many babies born right before or during the COVID-19 pandemic may have stayed home rather than starting daycare and education programs. The early childcare and education program is a whole new experience for these children, their parents, and even the teachers.

Education and daycare providers have been trained to help children. But in a pandemic, and after long periods without being in school, it may be good for the parents to put extra support into transitioning your kids. Here are some tips to help with the transition back to daycare and education programs.

  • Connect Virtually with Teachers and Staff
  • Tour the School
  • Consider Meetings Outside Regularly (playground, park, etc.)
  • Create Daily Structure
  • Keep a Routine
  • Connect with Other Families
  • Stay Calm

Remember, communication and building new relationships are skills, but children can be resilient with parental support. Even if it is hard, your child will gain confidence because of your support, and with a new trusted relationship with their new teacher, they will feel even more secure.

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