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Support for You and Your Child

No matter what elementary school looks like this year, we are here to help with in-person e-Learning and distance learning programs for your child. At New Horizon Academy, we provide a safe, supportive, and fun learning environment for your school-age child.

“At New Horizon Academy, our teachers will happily provide your child with distance and e-learning assistance. In addition, our enhanced learning activities will support your child’s continued academic progress, in a safe, comfortable, and wonderfully enriched school age environment.”

— Bev Bauman, VP of Staff Development and Education

Distance and e-Learning Program at New Horizon Academy

If your school does not open for in-person class, we can help. We offer on-site full-time and part-time schedules to meet the unique needs of your family. And we will help facilitate your child’s elementary school distance and virtual learning. This means your child can attend school virtually at New Horizon Academy with our teachers available to help answer questions.

Distance and e-Learning Locations

Our Distance and e-Learning Program at New Horizon Academy


A Safe, Supportive Environment

Our welcoming and comfortable spaces set the climate for learning. Your child will have a quiet place and the opportunity to complete homework or distance learning assignments during their time with us.


Homework Assistance

Children enrolled in our program attend a variety of schools, all with different distance learning routines and expectations. Whenever possible, our teachers will assist your child with staying on task and completing assignments.


Parent Responsibility

You will have the final responsibility of ensuring your child’s work is complete, so that you stay current on your child’s learning goals and progress.


Device Friendly

Your child may bring a device from home to complete assignments from school.


Learning Pods

When feasible, children will have the opportunity to collaborate in small study groups, which will encourage both academic and social learning.


Exploring and Discovering in Learning Centers

We will provide enhanced learning opportunities to ensure your child’s days with us are delightful! Included will be SciKids at New Horizon Academy, reading clubs, virtual field trips, and experiences that explore the arts and music.


Enjoying Snacks and Meals

At New Horizon Academy, your child will enjoy the company of friends, delicious meals and snacks, and a classroom equipped just for school age children. Learn More 


A Balance of Learning and Fun

Our classroom provides a balance of learning and fun. Your child will explore, discover, connect with friends, relax, engage in hands-on activities, and so much more. Your child will be immersed in action-packed learning and fun, making memories that last a lifetime!


Outdoor Adventures and Activities

Your child will have an opportunity to play outside. Through fun games, songs, and positive reinforcement, your child will experience the joy of being active.


Stay Connected and Informed

Our teachers will keep you up-to-date on your child’s day, progress with schoolwork, and will help you stay connected and informed. You will receive information about special moments, fun learning activities, and cherished photos. So, while you are at work, you can have peace of mind that your child is safe, productive, and having fun. It is almost as if you are there!

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We offer comprehensive early educational programs designed to help prepare children for success in elementary school and beyond in over 75 locations in Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, and Minnesota.

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“When school suddenly stopped for our son, we were so very grateful that NHA was there to provide him with continuity in learning, teachers who cared about him, and the company of friends.”

— Parent at New Horizon Academy

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