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Creating a More Inclusive Culture

As a company that prepares children to reach their fullest potential, we share in the responsibility to ensure that this potential is not undermined by systemic racism. We are committed to ensure our company culture is inclusive.

"New Horizon Academy is committed to the continued goal of nurturing a more diverse and inclusive generation of young children where inclusion, acceptance, and belonging are recognized and practiced, where respect and fairness are the building blocks of our programs, and where each child and employee knows that when they are with us, they are safe, respected, and valued."

— Chad Dunkley, CEO

The Next50 Commitment

The Next50 initiative is our commitment to reflect, change, and grow, as it relates to how we work together to create a learning environment and culture that is welcoming and inclusive. Our goal is for children, families, and our employees at New Horizon Academy to feel fully supported.

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

We cannot do this on our own. We are working with consultants to create a strategic plan. We have established a company diversity and inclusion task force with representation from our schools.

Equal Opportunities to Succeed

We will use our power as leaders in the early childhood community to make sure that all communities are given equal opportunities to succeed.

Public Policy Agenda

We will continue to create a public policy agenda to support young children and their families.

Investment in Communities

We are committed to ensuring all children have access to high-quality child care and education.

At New Horizon Academy, we are committed to sharing resources that can help us better educate ourselves on equity, diversity, and inclusion, so we can better support our children.

We are all on this journey together. This list of books, videos, and other resources are meant to help you and your children as you develop your knowledge in equity, diversity, and inclusion. We will continue to add to this list to make it an even more comprehensive resource.

"The time is always right to do what is right."

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Together, with a commitment to tangible change, we can continue to improve the equity, inclusion, respect, and acceptance for our children, their families, and our employees.

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